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Project Management

For complex, high impact, and time sensitive projects, project management is critical in the success of completing such projects for companies and businesses.

Businesses that wish to go digital or improve their technologies will need to develop a concrete plan that can co-ordinate and manage the complex and vastly different activities of digital projects. The purpose of project management is to plan, control and execute all the necessary activities needed to complete the project as successfully as possible, while anticipating and preparing for as many problems and unexpected outcomes that may arise.

Effective project management of a project consists of specific objectives and gradual progress. Unclear and general goals/objectives, such as, “improve staff productivity” does not convey the same meaning and understanding as, “improve staff-to-customer response productivity by 50%”. A gradual progression of completing small goals, which eventually lead to the one major goal, gives a better direction and insight for those involved in the project. One method of project management that incorporates the idea of completing small goals is the Agile approach, which we use frequently in most of our projects.

A&A is able to quickly carry out tailor-made projects that fills out every requirement from our clients through the Agile methodology. This approach helps us validate several solutions through iterative steps to ensure that time and resources are spent on actions that can develop deliverables that solve our client’s business problems.

infographic_Agile-lean startup

The frequency and amount of meetings that the agile methodology describes allows team members to not be afraid to make mistakes and encourages those involved to be more honest, transparent, and respectful. These meetings lead to vigorous discussions that eventually may lead to creative and project-defining ideas.

We put ourselves in our client’s shoes to learn their true needs. Combining our industry know-how with the most pragmatic solutions, we utilize our exceptional expertise to transform our clients’ groundbreaking initiatives into flourishing businesses.

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Internal IT Portal Development for IFA Firm in Hong Kong

We refined the existing internal IT system of an Independent Financial Advisory Firm in Hong Kong. While advising the client on the system design and structure, we focused on the highest level of user satisfaction and efficiency.