Case Study

Commercialization Strategy for Toys-to-Life Game Collection


We cultivated tactical business strategies for our client to enter the toys-to-life game industry, targeting at the global young female gamers. With the detailed plans that we developed, our client was able to reach out to interested parties to invest in the business.


Our client is a game & toy developer and manufacturer that aims to conceive new play ideas and develop them into sustainable, marketable opportunities. Having proven records of doing business with big name companies and established solid relationship with a manufacturing base, our client is a reliable subcontractor of a number of medium-scaled toy firms.


Our client saw the rising popularity of the toys-to-life (T2L) game industry, and therefore has developed a smart toy collection to enter the global T2L market. Our client’s T2L game collection is a series of miniature figures that could be connected to their developed mobile app through Near Field Communications (NFC) technology. Having created a T2L series that centers on the cuteness of the figurines, our client aimed to target at the girls market and therefore sought to develop a business plan for the purpose of commercializing their T2L products.


In this project, we utilized in-depth analysis to paint a clear picture of the toys-to-life market landscape, interpret the market and design tailor-made marketing strategies, operational plan and financial plan for our client to seek for investors.

Below provides an overview of our project approach:

  • Identified the strengths and potential of our client’s corporate and business background in relation to the global toys-to-life market
  • Formulated market insights based on researched trends, consumer behavior, and fluctuations in the market
  • Conducted competitor analysis to isolate opportunities and refine our client’s product offering
  • Selected achievable market segments and cultivated positioning strategies accordingly
  • Developed detailed operational plan to enter the target market in an organized approach
  • Generated a financial plan with comprehensive analysis of the cost involved, the revenue expected, and the capital required for the project to present to potential investors
  • Sought for potential investors for our clients upon establishing an extensive business plan


Based on the research and analysis that we conducted, our client has received solid insights into the penetration approach within the global toys-to-life industry. Specifically, our client was empowered by our advise to develop characters that tailored to young female gamers.