Case Study

Feasibility Research for Video Production Business Venture


We supported our client's research and explored the Hong Kong video production market to determine the feasibility of establishing a video production company in Hong Kong and fully launching the establishment plan.


Our client is an up and coming director who has a wealth of experience in video production. With his French upbringing, our client sought to utilize his expertise and experience in video-making to revolutionize the video production industry in Hong Kong.


Our client noticed the missing element of the video production process in the current Hong Kong video production industry. As such, he planned on establishing a video production company that aims to deliver flexible and high quality services to clientele of all industries looking to develop brand awareness. It is our client’s mission to bring forth a new flavour of film-making to the industry through his concise, direct, and innovative production methods. He is confident in his ability to capture the attention of local residents by allowing his venture to increase the skill set of the producers he will employ in the future.


In this project, we focused on providing market research and analysis for our client to assess the feasibility of establishing a revolutionary video production business in Hong Kong.

Below provides an overview of our project approach:

  • Examined our client’s products and services to formulate a basis for marketing strategies
  • Conducted market analysis through preliminary market research
  • Developed marketing strategies that adhere to the foundation of delivering flexible, high quality video production
  • Provided preparatory information regarding the marketability of our client’s services
  • Identified popular trends to instill a sense of direction for our client’s business
  • Helped the client understand market size and service attractiveness through statistics from validated sources such as HKTDC webpages, government census and statistics and our own in-house database
  • Produced comparison analysis and detailed visual representations of our findings for client considerations
  • Performed competitor analysis to understand direct and indirect competitors from both local and international standpoints
  • Formulated a comprehensive examination of areas that need improvement internally and externally
  • Segmented the consumers and isolated the most profitable clientele to formulate marketing techniques and determine production qualities accordingly


With the detailed market research that we conducted for our client, we have successfully assisted him in starting a video production business. Our client experienced an increase in customer base and sales revenue within a short period of time upon establishing the business. Furthermore, our client utilized our research report for his visa application, which was deemed successful.