Case Study

Facebook Application for Fitness client


A Facebook APP that generates certificates to students who have completed the physical tour and passed the mandatory test

Business Objectives

  • To develop a Facebook application that would allow our client to better educate and support local students. Designed for use on online and mobile platforms, this app assists the organization in its efforts to expose young people to real-life business and manufacturing processes.



Insight/ Approach/ Solution

This project involves:

  • System design
  • Technical consulting- e.g. system performance, user experience, and user expectations
  • Develop a prototype to demonstrate the main function’s flow
  • Frontend and backend development
  • Perform test case for client’s UAT
  • Provide problem solutions after launching the system
  • Provide function enhancement after launching the system
  • Server setup and maintenance


- Created user engagement through providing a sleek and easy to navigate interface.
- Increased awareness of the application and cause through establishing a social media presence