Case Study

Revamped Website Winmoney


Digital Marketing and Transformation Revamp


To update this platform with image, video, and tagging options, which will enhance user experience.  Allow access to a social media share function that will inevitably broaden the customer base. Enable this platform too be viewed on mobile devices such as smart phone and tablet.



  • Allow articles to upload with text, image and video
  • Social media share function including Facebook, WeChat, Weibo and QQ
  • Keyword search function
  • Able to select different colour tag
  • Click the tag can filter out all the post with same tag
  • Developed platforms to support different screen size and devices such as desktop, tablet, and mobile



Key Results

This revamped website now has an enhanced user experience with improved UXUI appearance. In addition, there are more added functions to appeal to a wider customer base. Now, there is also better CMS and a professional look with a sleek and polished design.