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1010 - API Webpage Generator

Digital transformation and commercialization through an application programming interface


API web translator for an online retailer

Artificial Intelligence (AI) application in E-commerce

Artificial Intelligence (AI) application in E-commerce

Business Strategy for International R&D Institution

We aided our client in introducing a set of IoT technologies into the Hong Kong telecommunications market. By producing a comprehensive business strategy, we created a solution for our client tailored to driving future market penetration.

Car Parking System Data Warehouse Solutions

To consolidate data from Car Parking System, CCTV Cameras, IoT devices and ERP System into a cloud-based Enterprise Data Warehouse. Data scientist can study those data collected from different channels, and further analyze as big data.

Chatbot - Automated Customer Service System

Provided our client with a custom-made Chatbot, power by IBM Watsons, to quickly answer customer enquiries 24/7 and retrieve customer behavior and interests to provide customers with improved products and services.

Chatbot advertisement for global insurance company

Developed a chatbot advertisement for global insurance company to make online advertisement more interactive

Chatbot Wine Selector and Data Analytisor

Custom-made a wine selector chatbot, to be used in the e-commerce wine website and to collect as well as analyse customer data

Commercialization for VTL Sensor

We aided our client in introducing a set of IoT technologies into the Hong Kong telecommunications market. By producing a comprehensive business strategy, we created a solution for our client tailored to driving future market penetration.

Commercialization of Innovative Storage Business

We guided our client through commercialization by cultivating business strategies and an operational plan that tailored to the needs of their innovative storage business model. A modern e-commerce platform was developed upon establishing comprehensive corporate strategies.

Commercialization Strategy for Toys-to-Life Game Collection

We cultivated tactical business strategies for our client to enter the toys-to-life game industry, targeting at the global young female gamers. With the detailed plans that we developed, our client was able to reach out to interested parties to invest in the business.

Concerto – FinTech App

Developed a mobile app prototype and website to demonstrate the feasibility of our idea and to pitch to investors

Corporate Rebranding for Leading IT Developer

We solidified our client's reputable brand image in the telecommunications market by providing an ongoing marketing support service. We designed and developed our client's online presence from the ground up at the client's specification to bolster their public presense.

Customer loyalty program mobile application for a Macau shopping mall

Customer loyalty program mobile application for a Macau shopping mall

Data App for Global Elevator Provider

We developed a mobile application for our client to store all of its elevator information in a database. With the app, our client is able to easily monitor the performance of its elevators.

Digital Advisory for Logistics Company

We researched and advised our client on the scope of IT system applications in the logistics industry. We subsequently formalized a proposal for our client to seek for funding, supplemented by a detailed business plan that illustrated the cost and technologies of the suggested online logistical tracking system.

Digital Consultancy Service for New Web Content Management System for West Kowloon Cultural District

Provide a digital advisory service for the content management system for West Kowloon Cultural District

Dishwashing Workshop Market Research for Local Charity

We enabled our client to support the disadvantaged by composing market research on the establishment of a dishwashing operation focused on employing the disadvantaged and enhancing their skill sets, financial security, and independence.

e-Commerce Market Entry for Wireless Data Rental Service Provider

We rendered branding strategies and developed an e-platform to precisely position our client in the online overseas purchasing market. Our strategies were bespoke to our client's desire for superior customer experience and user interfacing.

E-commerce Shop Integration

Refined our client’s existing system into a consolidated CRM system that is compatible with the client’s POS system, and now our client has a cross membership loyalty program that recognizes customers that shop at our client’s sister stores.

E-commerce website development and strategy for

Develop an e-commerce website and provide digital business consultancy service to for gift and gadget store -

eDM (Electronic direct mail) development for global insurance company

eDM (Electronic direct mail) development for global insurance company

Elderly Home – Instant Messenger Mobile Application

Created an elderly-friendly social communication application to help our client’s staff communication more efficiently with their elderly to keep the both staff and elderly updated on all current news, events, reminders, etc.

Expansion of Japanese Restaurant Quality Dessert Business

We aided a Japanese restaurant seek financing to support an expansion into the dessert business. We established a fully-comprehensive business plan together with operational strategies to highlight strong insights for our client in executing the project and entering the Hong Kong dessert industry.

Facebook Application for Fitness client

A Facebook APP that generates certificates to students who have completed the physical tour and passed the mandatory test

Feasibility Research for Video Production Business Venture

We supported our client's research and explored the Hong Kong video production market to determine the feasibility of establishing a video production company in Hong Kong and fully launching the establishment plan.

Feasibility Study on Japanese Restaurant Establishment in Specified Area of Hong Kong

We supplied in-depth market analysis for our client to ascertain the feasibility of establishing a fusion Japanese Restaurant in an identified region of Hong Kong.

Franchise Proposal for Kid’s Apparel Company

We formulated comprehensive business strategies for our client to seek for franchise opportunity with a prestigious Malaysian children's apparel brand. Throughout the business development, we navigated the complexities of introducing the high-end fashion brand to the Hong Kong kid's apparel market.

Franchise Proposal for Tapioca Beverage Chain Establishment in Hong Kong

We assisted our client in obtaining a franchise license of an international tapioca beverage brand. Through developing an extensive business plan catered to the specific characteristics of the beverage industry in Hong Kong, our client has successfully become a franchisee of the Tapioca brand.

Hong Kong Painting Regulations Research

We assisted our client in understanding Hong Kong painting regulations and established product claim verification tests through partnerships with local universities.


For about 30 years, our client expanded to 400+ staffs in Hong Kong and therefore needs a reliable and robust Human Resources Management (HRM) system to enhance the overall operation efficiency.

Informative Website on Brand Fashion

Website development for brand fashion with multi language platforms and enhanced customer experience.

Internal IT Portal Development for IFA Firm in Hong Kong

We refined the existing internal IT system of an Independent Financial Advisory Firm in Hong Kong. While advising the client on the system design and structure, we focused on the highest level of user satisfaction and efficiency.

Investment Proposal for Industrial Manufacturer

We arranged cohesive business strategies for our client to look for a joint venture opportunity with a French enterprise in launching an inventive energy management product. Through our advisory, our client was empowered to effectively reach out to their target customers and experience business growth.

Joint Venture Proposal for Natural Stone Supplier

We assisted our client in seeking a joint venture opportunity with a Singaporean construction company. Our holistic business strategies outlined the details of the merger and how to take advantage of economies of scale in our client's expansion plan with their partners.

life planning education mobile app for public bureau

Developed a mobile app which educated parents, students and educators about life planning education and careers

Market Entry Strategy for Non-Profit Coffee Business

We collaborated with our client to help them introduce a unique Taiwanese coffee business model to the Hong Kong market. We engineered a strategic plan consisting of a holistic view of the coffee business market landscape and fundamental catalysts for growth.

Market Expansion for an Israeli Supplement Manufacturer

We worked alongside an Israeli supplement manufacturer to develop an e-commerce platform and corresponding marketing campaign to enter the Chinese supplement market.

Market Research on Korean Agricultural Products in the Filipino Food Market

We conducted market research on how best to penetrate the Filipino food market and to increase Korean food products' presence in the Philippines. Our tailored solutions navigated the client through the complexities of import regulations, consumer preferences, and distribution networks.

Market Research on Korean Agricultural Products in the Hong Kong Food Market

We completed market research on how to best penetrate the Hong Kong food market and to expand Korean food products' presence in the region, specifically in the restaurant industry.

Market Research on Sea Cucumber Demand in Hong Kong and China

We provided insights into the sea cucumber market landscapes in Hong Kong and China for our client to strategize methods of penetrating the Hong Kong and Chinese sea cucumber markets. Armed with thorough market research, our client had an edge when acquiring new customers.

MLM (Multi-level marketing) System development for a Hong Kong listed company

MLM (Multi-level marketing) System development for a Hong Kong listed company

NFC Info App for Global Elevator Provider

We streamlined the operation efficiency of our client through cultivating a digital system that tracks the inspection of its elevators. We focused on using NFC technology to develop an Info App that records the time that our client’s maintenance workers spend on assessing individual elevators.


Official Mobile App for a Self-Help Program

Omni-Channel Communication Center (OCC) for Customer Service

Developed an Omni-channel Communication Center (OCC) implementation plan to provide a consolidated interface for our client’s customer support and to integrate siloed databases to save cost and deliver value-added services.


An online English learning platform that provides certified online courses for users in different parts of the world

Online Real-Time Chatroom Communication Services for Anti-suicide Service

This is a practical cross-platform chatroom communication service tailor-made for public organization. The application allows sending of text messages, visual images and self-made emoji. Chatrooms and conversation history can be easily controlled by admin staff in real-time. As the first subscriber of this service, The Samaritan Befrienders Hong Kong (SBHK) utilize this chatroom communication service to engage people with suicidal risk and allow them to vent their emotions on the internet. In this case, the chatroom successfully provides a channel for people to express their emotions. All conversations are kept confidential in the chatroom.

Optimized CRM System Implementation Plan for International Fast-Food Restaurant Chain

We developed a comprehensive CRM system plan to best integrate current technologies with the client’s existing IT system that enables an enjoyable customer experience through digital engagement.

Queuing system for a Hong Kong popular restaurant

Queuing system for a Hong Kong popular restaurant

Queuing system for financial institute internal staff

Developed a queuing system for our client, focusing on making a user-friendly UI, and created a backend dashboard to obtain an easy overview of all the data collected from the queuing system.

Real Estate e-Commerce Market Research

We explored establishing a real estate e-commerce platform in the Hong Kong market by devising an in-depth market research analysis for our client. Witnessing real-estate shifting to the online sphere, we provided a way for our client to take full-advantage of this shift in the industry.

Real-time Cloud Communications Platform for Leading IT Developer

We assisted our client to develop a cloud communications platform for customer service use. We simultaneously presented market research to frame the market landscape and how to excel in this space.

Revamped Website Winmoney

Digital Marketing and Transformation Revamp

Strategic Advisory for Healthy Restaurant Chain

We aided a health restaurant looking to expand their chain to the Hong Kong market by composing a strategic business plan in tune with the trends of the expanding healthy food market in Hong Kong.

Thermal Control Developer Expansion Proposal

We supported our client seeking potential investors to fund their thermal control technology business expansion by developing an extensive business plan and creating financial forecasts of company operations.

Training App for Engineering Company

We provided our client with digital solutions to its existing employee training system by developing a mobile app for our client to manage the training of its maintenance workers. The overall procedure was digitalized and the efficiency and accuracy of its company procedures were enhanced.

Website and Program Design for Student Learning

Interactive education program targeted at Hong Kong primary and secondary schools

Website Solutions for Counselling Services

We provided our client with website solutions for counselling services, so the customer can easily find the product and understand the business service